Sixty-eight Pennies

Many, many gigs in Austin, TX.


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  • Bradley on 2015-Aug-08 05:16:19 Bradley said

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  • Ioan on 2015-Dec-04 01:46:57 Ioan said

    This sort of boundary % black and white is smmiteoes quite troublesome. But, I do think it is good to open your blog/journal for comments, coz somehow it is still very encouraging to have people responding to what you have wrote. ^^ eh well, just feel you are a very poor guy having to reply to dozens of messages everyday, which seems never-ending sigh T_T honestly, I feel frustrated whenever I come across comments like these it is just like a cycle newbies step into the gothic lolita field. After acquiring certain knowledge about the scene, they start to fighting against each other verbally with a view to confirm theirselves as an eligible one And one more thing, it's a trend I guess. Many people nowadays are impulse-driven: Responding without reading and thinking thoroughly about the 6Ws. (that's why I say you are poor)XDXD~ perhaps let's put an end to this discussion, shall we? because the next debate will be staged somewhere again one day UNLESS we all learn how to accept and appreciate others. ^^ p.s. my comments are in fact very local and rude( in cantonese~ because I was too tired when I gave the comment~ )
  • Leonel on 2015-Dec-09 19:24:45 Leonel said

    Recently, I was told about in the Crosswoods area. They have some good stuff on their Chinese menu (English translations<a href=""> abialavle</a>). First time I ate there, I got my old standby for comparison, Dry Bean Curd w/Shredded Pork, which was definitely up-to-snuff taste- and portion-wise. I also had their Beef Soup, which was equally good. It contained a huge amount of tender beef and bok choy. Overall, simple preparation and fresh flavors.FYI: The front of the restaurant is not on Hutchinson. Turn onto High Cross Blvd and pull into the the parking lot it shares with the Chipotle beside it. Sushi Ko is nearby as well.
  • Paul on 2015-Dec-10 03:17:58 Paul said

    Please try Moy's on high street acorss from the new OSU union and next to Buckeye Doughnuts. It has been there for decades and is top notch. Although it is sooo VIP it does not have a sign. Again it is in the Buckeye Doughnuts building. The establishment is run by an adorable Asian couple that remembers all of their customers and deliver top notch service.(614) 297-77221994 N High StColumbus, OH 43201BEST ASIAN IN THE CITY! HANDS DOWN. The menu is in english and chinese. So authentic. AMAZING!!!!! [url=]hqirvwz[/url] [link=]rzutkaacr[/link]
  • Imraan on 2015-Dec-12 06:49:42 Imraan said

    That's a good point. For the most part, these restaurants don't serve<a href=""> ahcolol</a> it's just too expensive for them to get liquor licenses. A few do, though, and we'll be sure to note that in future write-ups. Off the top of my head, you'll find<a href=""> ahcolol</a> offerings at Plaza Tapatia, Siem Reap, and Udipi. Regarding BYOB, it's best to call ahead and ask the owners. Many Muslim-run establishments are unlikely to agree, and it's anyone's guess with other places.
  • Morgan on 2015-Dec-14 01:36:36 Morgan said

    Check out the El mariachi cnihas one is located off 161 and Maple canyon in a strip next to a grocery store carry out across from Huntington Bank and the other location is next to a drive thru by the former Butch's Cafe next to Golden Corral off main st not to far from hamilton. Across from a Mi Mexico very good food since they have been around since 02. [url=]qfxnkxoco[/url] [link=]ruljauve[/link]
  • Nibby on 2016-Jan-12 08:34:41 Nibby said

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